Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bargain Shopper: 70% OFF Red Dot Merchandise at Target

I stoped by my local Target on yesterday and as usual I stopped by the Target $1 section first and I came across a lot of real neat and useful items for only a buck. Not only was these items a buck but most of the things I picked up were 70% off (red dot items only)! I notice they had a lot of summer party stuff as well as a lot of Marvel Comics stuff (I guess it's because the Texas International Comic Convention is coming up). I was able to pick up three things for my kiddo, two mini Buzzy Seeds greenhouses and a fanny pack (I have been looking every where for one of these) for under $4 bucks. The fanny pack was it was regularly $3 but I picked it up for $0.90, the animal crackers were regular price ($1) and everything else was only $0.30 each. I'm not sure if this was only this location but if you plan to stop by Target any time soon be sure to check it out.

I'm looking forward to growing these!

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