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While in the process of conquering her ultimate goal of excelling in the art/entertainment industry,
Mika decided to create a avenue where she could share her life experiences with others, needless to say in 2010 this blog “Butterfly Lifestyle” was born. Prior to, in 2008 she founded a social network for individuals like herself who have a devoted passion for the arts, entertainment, and fashion worlds known as HAEVP

Since then she has hosted a number of networking and social functions directly marketing both professionals and persons interested in a career in these industries. Under HAEVP she created the annual HAEVP iHeart Awards and the annual 29 Business Women That Rock Project! Since 2003, but specifically over the last eight years Mika has worked with an array of industry professionals for social events for both production and marketing. She has also worked with numerous brands for product/service marketing.

Mika is originally from Houston, Texas and her educational background is in Communications & Media Arts. In addition to being a blogger Mika is also a freelance event specialist with a passion for music, culture and the arts!

Q. How did you come up with the name Butterfly LifeStyle?

A. There's two reasons, first is that I have a thing for butterflies...they intrigue me! Secondly, it's no secret that butterflies live a short life and if you think about it we do too. I believe that like the butterfly and it's life; every day of our life should be beautiful, enjoyed and full of adventure while there's still time. So as I like to say, "Live a Butterfly LifeStyle"!

Q. Why writing?

A. I love writing! For as long as I can remember writing has been one of my favorite things to do. It's a very therapeutic forum for self expression if you think about it. 

Q. What are your goals?

A. This is something that changes almost daily for me. I'm a strong advocate for education and I truly believe that we never stop learning so school is my focus for now but the school thing all ties into my "Master Plan". I have plans to write a poetry/life lessons type book in the near future. Also, if you don't know; I'm a huge fan of music so I'm also contemplating song writing.

"Life is about living, going through things, making mistakes, learning from them and moving on to the next chapter of your life’s story...this is my journey!" - Mika

Email: mika@butterflylifestyle.com

Mailing Address: Po Box 670765 Houston, TX 77267

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