Monday, November 12, 2018

Day 12: Which of your senses are you most thankful for?

Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, or Touch? This is a tough one for me, I mean they each serve a unique purpose in our everyday lives that shouldn’t be taken for granted. I guess I forget or just don’t think about how much I depend on my senses to get me through each day; I can’t pick one, I’m thankful for all of my senses.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Day 11: What holiday are you thankful for?

My favorite holidays are Halloween and Valentines Day. I appreciate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Thanksgiving but I’d have to say the holiday that I’m thankful for is New Year’s Day. I’m thankful for New Year’s more than any other holiday because I consider it a huge blessing to be able to set eyes on a new day and an even bigger one to gaze upon a new year.

Butterflies, what holiday are you thankful for?

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Around the World from Home: 2018 Texas Cultural Events & Festivals

As far back as I can remember one of my favorite outdoor things to do was/is attend festivals. Growing up I looked forward to the Houston International Festival every year. The music, the food, and the cultural exposure...there’s usually always something fun to do and cool to see at festivals.

Here’s a list of some cool festivals taking place in the Houston, Texas area or within driving distance of the Houston, Texas area this year. Some of these events are free and tickets to some of the events that aren’t free can be purchased at a discount on Groupon so be sure to do a little research before you plan your next adventure. #liveItUp

11/1-25 Texas Renaissance Festival
11/2-11 Wurstfest
11/3 Houston Filipino Steet Festival
11/6-7 International Literature Festival Houston event info
11/8 International Literature Festival San Antonio event info
11/8-10 Qulit Festival Houston
11/8-11 Nutcracker Market
11/9-11 Fort Worth Greek Festival
11/10 Houston Texas Taco Festival
11/10 Children’s Festival event info
11/10-11 Islamic Art Festival
11/10-11 Texas Championship Native American Pow Wow
11/17 Festival of Lights
11/17 Go Texan Chili Cookoff
11/17-18 Houston Turkish Festival
11/17-18 Arlington Texas Taco Festival

12/1 Tamale Festival

Sunday, July 1, 2018

50+ Birthday Discounts & Freebies

Hey Butterflies! It's Cancer Season and guess what? That's right, it's my BIRTHDAY or as Tom from Parks & Recreations would say, it's my "treat yo-self day". If you've had the pleasure of knowing a Cancerian then you probably already know that we enjoy our space and can be very introverted and emotional at times but are usually the most thoughtful and caring people you'll probably ever meet. We are water signs and are typically ruled by sensation and feelings. Anyway, I haven’t really celebrated my birthday since my 30th birthday but in honor of my birthday and cancer season in general I'm sharing with you some of my favorite birthday discounts and freebies. I prefer some birthday perks over others like the "free beauty product" at Ulta or the "free drink or meal item" at Starbucks because these are places I frequent and that are near my home/work. If you have the time (I don't lol), you could basically celebrate your birthday for a month straight using these birthday offers, all while saving a few bucks in the process. To redeem these offers be sure to signup with each company first (at least a month in advance), some of these offers might be exclusive to the Houston, TX area but it won't hurt to check it out.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Whitening Teeth at Home With Smile Brilliant

This is a sponsored post.

Hey Beautiful Butterflies. Prior to trying out Smile Brilliant the only whitening product I used as part of my daily routine was whitening toothpaste. However, in the past I’ve tried whitening strips and a whitening rinse but saw very little results. I’m not really a coffee drinker but I do drink a lot of tea and enjoy an occasional glass of wine and eat berries almost daily. Since most of what we eat and drink has the potential to stain our teeth over time, using a whitening product is a must if you want to look and feel your best when you smile. Currently the #1 dentist recommended teeth whitening method is using custom-fitted whitening trays. Using whitening trays ensure that every angle of every tooth (regardless of whether your teeth are straight or not) receives even and consistent coverage of our professional strength whitening gel. Smile Brilliant offers custom-fitted whitening trays for 70% less and up to 5x faster. The average U.S. dentist charges $500+ for the exact same service.