Saturday, September 23, 2023

In the Kitchen: 7 Fun Ways to Enjoy Pumpkins This Fall

Butterflies, it’s the first day of fall and nothing says autumn like fresh pumpkins. Whether you are cooking with them or decorating with them, pumpkins are so much fun and provide many great health benefits. Below are a few of my favorite pumpkin things:

1) Pumpkin Apple | one of my favorite home fragrances from Bath & Body Works…it smells like fall. What’s your favorite fall scent?

2) Pumpkin Craving | unless you’re a professional artist, I recommend using a stencil for the best outcome. When you’re done, use the pumpkin guts you saved to make roasted pumpkin seeds or vegetable pumpkin soup…it’s delicious.

3) Pumpkin Facial | I didn’t know it until recently but, pumpkins actually have a lot of health benefits which is why a lot of health spas are now offering a seasonal pumpkin facial.

4) Pumpkin Spice Latte | many people look forward to fall for the sole purpose of enjoying pumpkin flavored drinks from Starbucks. Have you tried it? There’s also pumpkin flavored drinks available at IHOP, Dunkin' Donuts, Smoothie King and there’s a pumpkin pie flavored blizzard at Dairy Queen.

5) Pumpkin Patch | if you haven’t experienced a pumpkin patch yet, like what even are you doing with your life? Pumpkin Patches are so much fun and are a cool way to make some memories with your family and or friends.

6) Pumpkin Pie | the pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie debate has been around for forever. Which do you prefer? One of my favorites, Divas Can Cook has an easy pumpkin pie recipe that I think you should try.
7) Pumpkin Slime | when my kid was super into slime a few years ago, I thought pumpkin slime was the coolest thing ever.

Fun Fact: National Pumpkin Day is October 26th

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