Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tech Tip: Custom Domain Email w/ Blogger & Gmail

There are many benefits to creating a domain specific email address; not only does it adds to your credibility but it also gives your company a more professional look.  It is very important for business owners as well as bloggers to use a custom or personalized email domain address. I know way too many "professionals" that have a custom domain name, but are still using a public email address like or which could be harmful to the success of a business or blog. I suggest something like  For example, I have as my domain name and I created the email address for my official work email.

Did you know you can get a custom domain email address from Google apps? The process of getting your custom domain email address is simple. Just sign into your google site's admin page, go to emails and you can set up multiple custom domain email addresses with your domain admin account. Go to,  sign-in, click user tab, then select create a new user and a pop up box will appear for you to create the new user account and email. VoilĂ !

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