Monday, April 6, 2015

Self Care: Keys to Living a Happier Life

Do you want to know the simplest way to live a happier life? It’s easy, STOP GIVING A FUCK!!!! That's right I said the KEY to living a happier life is to stop caring. When I say stop caring I don't mean stop paying your bills or stop caring about your appearance or stop obeying laws. What I mean is stop caring about what people say or will say and what people think or will think. Stop worrying about the what ifs, what may or may not happen and things you can't control.

Speaking from my own personal experiences only; worrying leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to depression. I had to learn this the hard way but I'm glad I did. Since childhood I have always been overly interested in what others thought of me but over the last few years this has changed; mostly because of me being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Some people say thinking HAPPY THOUGHTS and staying positive is the key to happiness but being realistic...that method is not for everybody, trust me I tried it and I wasn't seeing any real outcome. So I went to therapy, read a few books (What You Think of Me is None of My Business by Terry Cole-Whittaker is one of my favorites), made a few life changes (with more underway), and basically stopped giving a fuck.

This reminds me of a female empowerment conference I attended a few years ago hosted by life coach/sex advocate Naima Singletary were one of the guest speakers was fashion designer Toni Scott Grant who's personal life journey to find success and happiness is featured in the book Mocha Manual to Turning Your Passion into Profit by Kimberly Seals-Allers. That day Toni said something about life that I found very interesting and will never forget as long as I live. She said "besides death, there’s nothing in life that you can't come back from"; I took mental note of that and still to this very day I try to apply this logic to every challenge, struggle and obstacle life brings my way. I choose to be happy and wish the same for you!

My theory on happiness...just BE YOU, MINIMIZE the amount of NEGATIVITY you allow into your life and do things that MAKE YOU HAPPY! Like the title of Canadian artist Melanie Fiona's 2nd album...just LIVE YOUR MF (magnificent fabulous) LIFE!

Mika -XOXO

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