Saturday, April 22, 2017

7 Simple Ways to Show Earth Some Love

Hey Butterflies! A couple of weeks ago I volunteered to help with the garden at my kid's school, not only was it a good physical activity and loads of fun, but it was also a great teaching/learning experience that got me thinking. About ten years ago I remember received an Earth Day t-shirt from an ex-employer and to this day I still wear it because it inspired me to be more cautious of my impact on our planet. Earth Day is celebrated yearly on April 22nd, as a way to bring attention to environmental issues so that we can better preserve  our planet.

One of my favorite quotes about earth is from William Shakespeare, he said: "The earth has music for those who listen." I totally agree and was inspired to share with you a few ways we can all show Mother Earth some love.

1.) Grow Something - Gardening is not only beneficial to our health, but also great for the environment. Plants help minimize global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the air.

2.) Get Outdoors - spend time in nature, learn a new outdoor sport, go camping, visit a National Park, Wildlife Preserve or a butterfly sanctuary. Not only will you gain a better appreciation for your planet but your mind, body, and soul will thank you too.

3.) Recycle - Whenever possible, recycle and use reusable products as much as you can.

4.) Cut Back on Your Paper Use - We all know paper comes from trees and trees are born from the earth so using as less paper as possible means the less trees that that have to get cut down. One easy way to cut back on paper use is to opt-out of junk mail and switch to e-billing.

5.) Eat Local - Eating organic food that is grown locally is not only healthier for you and better for the economy, it's also better for the environment.

6.) Drive Less - Walk, bike, or take pubic transportation whenever possible to give the environment break from all the toxins our vehicles release.

7.) Choose Products Wisely - Use products that are safe for the environment. For example Green Works and Method have an array of household cleaning products that are made using chemicals that are least harmful and are said to be environmentally friendly.

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