Thursday, December 7, 2017

Travel: Planning a Disney Vacation

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Butterflies, it's been over fifteen years since my first and last trip to Disney in Orlando Florida and to this day it's still one of my fondest memories from my youth; I still have the Mickey Mouse doll I purchased while I was there. My own joyous memories of visiting Disney and the fact that I know most kids dream of visiting Disney (I was one of them) is why I definitely want to make sure my kid gets to experience Disney the way I did.

It’s no secret that planning a trip to Disney can be kind of on the expensive side, which is part of the reason I decided to wait until my kid got a little older before taking her to Disney, I want her to be able to remember and truly appreciate the experience. I joined a few mom, travel, and personal finance groups to help plan our trip to Disney, members in the groups often share tips, suggestions, and resources to help save money on planning your family’s next Disney adventure but it can all become a little overwhelming. Like did you know that Disney has a payment plan? I didn’t; things like, when peak season is, what’s the best day to visit, is it better to visit the park or take the cruise, etc...these are all important aspects to planning a successful and fun Disney vacation while also being financially conscious.

Anyway, I recently came across a very awesome family oriented travel website with so much Disney travel inspiration that I had to share with you guys. Jones Family Travels documents their many exciting family adventures through pictures and videos and also shares ways to save while planning your next adventure. Since the holiday season is finally here, and I know a lot of you are looking for something magical to experience with your family, check out this Jones Family Travels Christmas at Disney World video if you're thinking about a Disney World vacation.

Also check out the Jones Family Travel’s Disney Fantasy Cruise video below if you're thinking about taking a Disney Cruise vacation this will definitely get you excited about planning your trip.

The shows, the rides, the food...there’s just so much I love about Disney. What are some of your favorite things about Disney and/or most useful advice given?

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