Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Business Tips: 7 Tips for Branding & Marketing Your Small Business While on a Budget

Hey Entrepreneurial Butterflies! Since it’s the beginning of a new year and I’m in the process of refreshing a lot of my marketing related stuff for the new year, I thought I’d share with my fellow go-getters a few simple, low-cost but effective ways to market your brand. It’s extremely vital to your brand that you stay up to date and continue to evolve your marketing techniques. Branding yourself and or your company is necessary if you want to get to your next level of success.

1. Choose a Business Name. - When it comes to choosing a business name, be creative but keep it simple. You want a name that stands out but is easy to remember. Once you’ve chosen your business name, you will need to register it with your county by applying for a DBA.

2. Design Your Logo. - Your company logo is just as important as your company name. You want your logo to stand out, catch people’s attention and be reflective of you and the business name you chose. I got new logos from LogoJoy this year, they’re not that expensive and they look great.

3. Put Your Business Online. When I first started out I purchased my domain name and site hosting for my website from, I have since switched over to Google because you can pretty much do everything in one place. You can purchase your domain name, site hosting and get custom emails all from Google for a very low annual fee. Also, don’t spend tons of money for someone to design your website if all you’re wanting is the basics. Instead, create a blog page on Blogger or Wordpress, customize it and link your custom domain to it and you’re in business. I designed my site myself and only have to pay about $10 a year for hosting.

4. Get a custom Email - Custom email addresses look more professional and business owners with custom email addresses are more likely to be taken serious than business owners with a basic free email.  Once you’ve purchased your domain and hosting from Google, you’ll then be able to set up multiple free custom email addresses.

5. Get a few tangible Marketing Goods - e.g. business cards, business stationery, pens, water bottles, t-shirts and etc. I’ve used Vistaprint a lot over the past ten years or so, for all of my business cards and stationery products. I ordered this glass water bottle from Glasstic last year, it’s for personal use but it has my web address on it so when I’m out and about people see it and instantly want more information. Personalization Mall is also another good place to order customized goods for your brand. Also, just as a general rule when ordering online, always be sure to look for promotional codes before you place any orders, because spending as less as possible is always a good thing.

6. Network! - Talk to any and every person you encounter throughout the day both in person and on social media about your business. Join local Facebook or Meetup groups for professionals and network. If you’re in the Houston, Texas area feel free to join my networking group on Facebook. Also, purchasing vendor space at local events is another great way to get the word out about your business.

7. Share Your Expertise - Create content that you can share with future customers. Animoto can help you create a marketing video for your brand and now through 1/10 use code YAYANIMOTO  to save 10% off annual business and professional plans.

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