Friday, May 13, 2011

Celebrity Post: Weight Loss Edition

Have you seen the gorgeous Raven Symone lately? Hollywood actress and celebrity Raven Symone showed up at this year’s People’s Choice Awards looking notable slimmer. This truly makes me smile! I love to see beautiful young women happy and achieving their goals. Although they may never admit it the majority of today's society looks up to public figures such as celebrities a great deal. The initiative that these individuals are taking to improve their health and physical appearance is inspiring.

This I know is providing positive conversation and motivation to all of us who are taking the initiative to live healthier lives. I must say I was inspired; I’m exercising and eating healthier. Who knew living a healthy life style could be this easy? I’m super happy for you Raven, Jennifer, Queen, Mo'Nique and everyone else who's on the right track! Much more success to you!

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