Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mom Life: Pink, Purple, and Turquoise “Princess Boutique” Birthday Party

Butterfly Mommies!! We celebrated my little human’s birthday this past weekend, it was so cute and lots of fun. There were handcrafted party boutique shopping bags I made using craft bags I picked up from the local craft store and cutouts of the Birthday Princess's initials to give the party a more personalized look.

The Party Boutique! My favorite part of the party (it was a big hit might I add)! Created using little containers and jars that I picked up this year and other little goodies! The boutique was stocked with plenty of goodies…candy, nail polish, pens/pencils, journals and stickers galore.

Customized party favors thanking the guest for attending.

The cake...made for a Princess!

Once everything was setup...

The Birthday Princess shopping at the party's mini boutique.

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