Monday, November 12, 2012

Beauty Trends: Nexxus Salon Hair Care Products

Butterflies, as promised in my previous post about the Nexxus Hair Care products that I purchased from CVS for really cheap, here's my update/review of the two items I purchased. This was my first time using Nexxus products and for the most part I really liked both products. The Nexxus Salon Hair Care Frizz Defy FrizzProtection Styling Creme really helped with my flyaways and I would defiantly purchase this one again.

Now as for the Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner I think this was a one time thing for me. I honestly didn't notice a major difference in my hair compared to me using a less expensive conditioner. This also could be because I didn't get to use the full bottle. I used this conditioner once maybe twice before it cracked at the top and spilled out all over everything in my bathroom closet. The upside is that I contacted the manufacture to express my concerns about this product and they did agree to replace it.

Overall I think Nexxus brand is a good hair care brand and I really give the FrizzProtection Styling Crème two thumbs up, however my bad experience with their Humectress product packaging has me a little skeptical about purchasing any other Nexxus products.

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