Monday, June 10, 2013

Music: Make Money Reviewing Music Online at Slice the Pie

If you are a lover of music like myself you're going to love this site. is a really cool site that let's you listen to and rate music before it is released and get paid to do it. Each track pays differently depending on the quality of your review. You must build up a total $10.00 or more before you can cash out via PayPal. I wouldn't expect to get rich from SliceThePie but it is extra money. I use to listen to Pandora (and still do from time to time) while I work or do chores but since discovering this site I now listen to SliceThePie that way I'm listening to music and making money, it's a win win for me! To get started click here to go to their website, setup your profile, then choose which type of music you like and start rating.

Influence what gets played on radio, discover tomorrow’s hits today, get paid to review music!


  1. Sounds interesting! I've been looking fro something new! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome! :-)


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