Monday, June 17, 2013

Popular Houston Stripper Miscarriages While Twerking On Stage

Butterflies, I've been seeing this story all over my social media sites and honestly I was going to past it up until I saw Houston in the title; I'm from Houston so anytime I see Houston in the title I start reading extra hard (lol). Anyway, different media sites are reporting that Houston exotic dancer @JhonniBlaze and self proclaimed "Queen of Houston" recently suffered a miscarriage while on stage twerking. Jhonni Blaze denied the miscarriage rumors via Twitter saying, "blood clots all it was, blood clots". I don't know about y'all but miscarriage or blood clots, I would have been both grossed out and traumatized had I saw/experienced this first hand. Either way it's bad, I really hope it was just blood clots and not a miscarriage and also just so I'm clear, there's no judgment from me...I'm all for living it up and twerking it out but I'm also an advocate for taking care. So if you're not feeling well go get checked out.

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