Monday, June 17, 2013

Popular Houston Stripper Miscarriages While Twerking On Stage

I've been seeing this story all over my social media sites and honestly I was going to past it up until I saw Houston in the title; I'm from Houston so anytime I see Houston in the title I start reading extra hard (lol). Anyway different media sites are reporting that Houston exotic dancer @JhonniBlaze and self proclaimed "Queen of Houston" recently suffered a miscarriage while on stage twerking. Jhonni Blaze denied the miscarriage rumors via Twitter saying, "blood clots all it was, blood clots". I don't know about ya'll but miscarriage or blood clots, I would have been both grossed out and traumatized had I saw/experienced this first hand. Either way it's bad, I really hope it was just blood clots and not a miscarriage.

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