Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tech Tip: PowerMyLearning.org | FREE Learning Site for Kids

PowerMyLearning is a FREE, online educational site for students grades K-12. The PowerMyLearning website is intended to preventing "summer slide", keep kids learning throughout the year and possibly get ahead for the upcoming school year all while making learning fun! The site provides educational online games that incorporate things your kid probably already loves such as animals, music and sports. The site covers an array of educational topics; from math to music. 

There are eight main topics on PowerMyLearning which include: Math, Language Arts & Music, Technology, World Languages and Your Life. Most of the main educational topics are broken down into about 3-7 different sub-topics which makes learning each subject a little easier. The 2nd grade math topic for example is broken down into Geometry, Measurement & Data, Number & Operations In Base Ten, and Operations & Algebraic Thinking; each of these sub-topics feature about 20 different learning actives.

When I was in school math was my least favorite subject but for some reason my daughter is the complete opposite of me when it comes to math so she was instantly drawn into all of the math activities on PowerMyLearning. After spending hours on the site with my 2nd grader I can honestly say I'm in love with PowerMyLearning (so is my kiddo) and it will be added to my kid's at home learning activities; especially the math, language, and your life games. What I like most about this site other than it makes learning fun for kids is that unlike most educational sties for young kids; PowerMyLearning actually gives kids of all grade levels a chance to get ahead and it's free!

Also, I really like the "Your Life" section and all of its sub-sections. All of the topics covered under the your life tab are about everyday life; things which you are never too young to start learning about. These subjects include Careers, College, Finances and Goal-Setting. I personally think this site is a great alternative to video-games because it's both fun and educational. 

Getting your little one(s) started on PowerMyLearning is very easy, once you're on PowerMyLearning.org simply click on the SignUp link at the top of the page, enter your email address, then create a username and password. After that your kid is all set to start exploring PowerMyLearning.org and because the website is organized by subjects and grade levels navigating the site is super easy (always a plus).

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review, I was invited to try this product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts, opinions and expressions above are my own.

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