Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beauty Trends: Pixie Cut or Bob...Which Would You Rock?

Butterflies, are you considering a big chop? Well join the club, Texas born and raised musical artist Beyoncé hair has been the the topic of discussion for many of her fans (and critics too) because she recently debuted a new hairstyle. There were a few pictures posted to her Instagram about two weeks ago that got everyone talking hair, it's like the biggest thing since the whole natural hair movement began (but not really lol). I did a big chop a few years ago prior to starting my natural hair journey and I loved how convenient my pixie cut was, it was actually easier to maintain than natural hair is contrary to what people believe. 

Anyway, I guess everyone is so use to seeing Beyoncé with her long/curly hair that they're in shock she decided to change it up, the picture (below) is a photo of Beyoncé rocking a short  "pixie cut". Just a few days ago more photos were posted to Bey's Instagram, this time of her rocking a "bob cut". I think they're both cute! Anyway, which would you rock?

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