Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mom Life: Princess Ruby's Make-Up Ballet Class Kindle Book

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Excerpt from Princess Ruby's Make-Up Ballet Class: "Princess Ruby and Queen Jacaranda were quietly enjoying high tea in the royal tea room when Princess Ruby suddenly looked up at her mom and exclaimed, "I can't do it!" Surprised, Queen Jacaranda asked, "You can't do what?" "I can't go to the make-up ballet class," responded the princess. "I'm just too scared." And she started to cry."

In this princess tale about over coming fears, author Deborah Bradley uses well illustrated pictures along with great writing to shows how kids (princesses too) must face their fears everyday. In Princess Ruby's Make-Up Ballet Class, Princess Ruby is faced with a new situation that to her seems impossible to get through but in the end she learns what it really means to be brave in everyday life.

Overall I think this was a excellent read; my kiddo/princess loved it! Princess Ruby's Make-Up Ballet Class is not only full of entertainment, this book is very educational as well. This book is a great way to help children gain a healthy perspective on things that are new and uncomfortable; hence teaching them to be brave and that it's ok to try new things. The e-book includes a Glossary Of Dance Terms used by this princess ballerina and even sweeter, this book comes with access to a free audio-book bonus, how cool is that?

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