Friday, June 6, 2014

In the Kitchen: Papa Murphy's Take-And-Bake Pizza Company

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Papa Murphy’s, however all opinions expressed are my own. Ciao Butterflies! I was invited to take a "behind the counter” tour of a really cool take out eatery here in Texas that I'm sure my fellow pizza lovers will come to appreciate. Papa Murphy’s is a pizza shop that specializes in Take ‘n Bake pizzas. At Papa Murphy’s, you can customize a pizza for yourself and/or your family, by choosing from the many fresh ingredients Papa Murphy's has to offer. A Papa Murphy's team member will create it for you, using fresh, handmade ingredients, right in front of you. Then, you take it home and bake it so that it’s "straight out of the oven hot" whenever your ready to eat!

The care and time that goes into preparing all Papa Murphy’s ingredients, from preparing the dough from scratch to hand cutting the fresh vegetables and produce is what I appreciate the most about Papa Murphy’s. The homemade taste, and the easy, convenient dinner solution it offers is why I plan to continue being a Papa Murphy’s customer. Also, if you are following a gluten-free meal plan or just want a healthier meal option, Papa Murphy's also has a gluten-free crust that you can have layered with your favorite veggies. How awesome is that? They don't deliver but do have online ordering available so, if you're undecided on what's for dinner check out Papa Murphy's. My personal favorite is the thin crust spinach pizza. Yum!

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