Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Movie: I Went to Studio Movie Grill and Got Inspired Financially

Butteries, I wrote a post a few months back expressing my desire to check out Studio Movie Grill...yea that didn't happen until yesterday (lol I've been busy). Anyway, it was a really cool experience! The best part about SMG is being able to pick your own seats...I freaking love that! Not having to go on a scavenger hut for seats in a pitch black theater is an amazing feeling. The seats are very comfy and the food and drinks at SMG are great and well worth the price. The only thing I wish SMG did differently is open a few more locations and add a few more movie choices. On a different note I really enjoyed the movie (The Gambler) and not just because Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors but because it had a really positive real life message. Without giving away the movie I must say the most intriguing part of the Gambler to me is when Frank played by John Goodman shared some wisdom with Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) about life, finances and being self efficient. If you know me, I mean truly know me you know I'm hardly ever the one to depend on anyone so you can understand why that part of the movie really stuck out to me. So with that being said, as you read this I'm working on a master plan to one day have "Fuck You Money". If you've already seen the movie you know what I mean and if you haven't GO SEE IT!

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