Sunday, August 16, 2015

Life Update: Why I Freaked Out About Turning Thirty + I Got a New Piercing it's been a little over a month since I turned the big 30 and boy was I freaking out prior to. Fortunately I got over it quickly (some people never do) and am now at peace with it lol, I'm embracing my thirties, I'm grateful for everyday and I plan to use them wisely. I think more than anything else I was more so worried about the idea of the label and  being considered old once you're no longer in your twenties. I mean there's so much I want to experience this lifetime and I kind of possibly maybe might (lol) want another kid so turning thirty just reminded me of how much I need to get my shit together so I can get the most out of this life thing I guess. Anyway, I wanted to go to New York before I turned 30 and I did so I'm sure I'll be just fine. Now that I think about it, I freaked out the same way when I turned 25 and noticed my first grey hair lol. Did anyone else freak out about turning a certain age? Also, how do you like my nose piercing? I got it done last month on my birthday? OMG I'm 30...I love it!


  1. That's a beautiful cake... but what do you look drunk in the other picture?

    1. I'm just now seeing your comment lmao and I wasn't drunk, just super sleepy.


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