Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life Update: The Universe/God's Message to Me from a Stranger

Above note from a complete stranger was passed to me in 2001
Good Morning Butterflies! Before I tell you guys my story let me remind you all that for the most part I'm not religious (I do believe that their is a God or Higher Power) and I can be sort of heathenish at times lol. So, moving right along to my story; yesterday I had a fifteen minute long telephone conversation with a complete stranger and that conversation was one of the most soul touching talks that I've had in a long time and it started with food lol. So...I got a call from this random guy about a cook-top (I was at work) and he starts talking about cooking. Mr. H (that's what we're going to call him) asked me if I had ever tried "Jamaican Food" (he's Jamaican) and after thinking long and hard about it my answer was "no". Mr. H was surprised by my answer and honestly I was a little surprised too, I mean I can't believe I haven't tried Jamaican food yet...I'm always trying something new lol.

Since I told him that I had never tried Jamaican cuisine he asked if I had ever eaten Creole/Cajun food (I'm guessing because the food is similar!?...idk) I replied yes all the time (my mom is from Welsh, Louisiana); his response was: "YOU'RE NOT LIVING THEN, UNTIL YOU TRY JAMAICAN FOOD YOU'RE NOT LIVING!" I asked Mr. H which Jamaican cuisine I should try first and he suggested either Jerked Chicken or Curry Chicken as well as a restaurant near by that I should try.

Then it get's interesting...he went on to asked me if I had ever been to Jamaica and sadly I replied no (it is on my bucket list though). He then suggested that I visit Ocho Rios Jamaica and said again; "YOU'RE NOT LIVING UNTIL YOU DO!" If you know me personally, you know that I've been struggling with a few life dilemmas but for a complete stranger who knows nothing about me to just "read me" over the phone left me feeling all freaked inside. His message was simple; "Don't be afraid to talk to God and ask God for what you need or want!

The thing is, this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened to me....it's actually the third time. The first time I received a message from a stranger (literally...see above photo) was when I had just barely turned 16...summer of 2001. I was on a college tour trip in Atlanta, GA eating dinner alone at the restaurant in the hotel I was staying in and my waitress hands me this note she said someone told her to give it to me. Y'all...it freaked me the fuck out!!

Still, to this very day I have no idea who wrote the note but I will always keep and cherish it. The other time I received a message from a stranger was a few years ago I was in Walmart (I know right...that place is like crazy headquarters lol) minding my business hoping no one tries to make small talk with me and this random person starts talking to me about shit that I was actually going through at the moment...I instantly caught goosebumps all over.

Back to today, I'm not sure if it was God or just a random person trying to encourage me, I mean it could be just a coincidence that these people thought to speak to me about my troubles/God (and I actually listened) at the very moment I needed to hear it the most, either way...the message was received! At the end of the call Mr. H said God told me to talk to you today and once you have tried the food, visited the land, and had a talk with God call me back and say "Mr. H...NOW I AM LIVING!" I more than likely will not be calling him back but I will defiantly always remember this conversation.

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