Thursday, November 26, 2015

Music: The Minnie Riperton Story on TvOne's Unsung

Happy Thanksgiving Butterflies! I hope you all ate plenty (but health consciously) and enjoyed time with your loved ones as did I. I made banana pudding for the first time and it was kind of meh if you know what I mean but it was still eatable. Other than make a banana pudding, my goal this year was to do no "house hopping", but that didn't happen. It seems every holiday season I'm forced to drive all over town and be social even though everyone knows that I’m introverted and I’d rather be at home. Am I the only one that feels this way? I mean don't get what I'm saying confused; I love my family, extended family, and friends dearly I'd just rather not deal with all the stress that comes along with the holidays and stay put in my palace lol but seriously.

I'm kind of glad I got out the house today though; I learned something new from watching an episode of TvOne's Unsung with my peeps. This particular show feared 70's singer Minnie Riperton and according to Unsung Minnie was known for her very unique vocals. Some of her most popular songs (and my favorites) are Lovin' You, Inside My Love and Memory Lane (check them out below). Mini albums included Come to My Garden and Perfect Angel. Minnie passed away from breast cancer (on my birthdate 😢) in the late 70's leaving behind two small children, a son and a daughter; her daughter is Maya Rudolph. Maya is a actress and comedian, she played the woman getting married in one of my favorite movies...Bridesmaids (you have to see it, it's hilarious) as well as Chris Rock's wife (aka the bread winner lol) in the movie Grown Ups. Maya started her career as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast in the early 00's. Anyway, I never would have known that. Maya is such a great actor and I'm sure her mom would be proud.

Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton

Memory Lane by Minnie Riperton

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