Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Life Update: That's a Wrap...December 2015!

Hey Butterflies! I was thinking, in just a couple more weeks we will be in the year 2016...wow this year has really flown bye. It's bitter sweet because I made so many wonderful memories this year but at the same time I'm really looking forward to accomplishing more of my life goals next year. Last year I was inspired by the 2014 Mark Wahlberg movie The Gambler to get my finances in order; check out my post on how I was inspired here. Needless to say, saving and increasing my credit score were a major part of my focus for 2015 and even though I don't have "Fuck You Money" yet, I have to say I did pretty swell with the saving part. My goal is to focus really hard on my credit in 2016 because I have plans to buy my first home within the next year or so. In addition to getting my money straight, I also decided to focus more on my career goals and my personal happiness so went back to school, left my horrible no good job and traveled to New York for the first time (Yay Me!) Even though I had a few bad days overall I've had a pretty cool year. How was your 2015?

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