Saturday, December 26, 2015

In the Kitchen: Peach Goblet Delight + More Using Jose Cuervo's Cinge Cinnamon Tequila

Hi Butterflies! I recently tried Jose Cuervo's new Cinge Cinnamon Tequila and I loved it so much I was inspired to share a quick and simple drink recipe with you guys. So here you go... Mika's Peach Goblet Delight! If you get a chance to try Jose Cuervo's Cinge Cinnamon Tequila or any of the drink pairing options I shared with you be sure let me know what you thought of them. As always drink responsibly and #liveItUp!
Mika's Peach Goblet Delight

2 oz. of Jose Cuervo's Cinge Cinnamon Tequila
2 oz. of Peach Circo
1 oz. of club soda or Sprite
1 oz. of Pinapple Juice
3-4 frozen peach slices
1 cinnamon stick (to garnish)

Other Pairing Options

Cranberry Juice
Apple Juice
Vanilla Iced Coffee

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