Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Diet is Better Than Yours - SuperFood Swap Diet

Hey Butterflies. I hardly ever watch tv anymore and I especially don't watch reality/contest type shows but I was at a friend's house a few days ago and they were watching a show on ABC; "My Diet is Better Than Yours" hosted by Shaun T, creator of the at home workout program that everyone was doing a few years ago "Insanity". It was the show's season finale episode and I instantly became intrigued with the show. Jasmin would was on the SuperFood Swap Diet created by registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Chicago native Dawn Jackson Blatner won first place because she lost the highest percent of body weight and before they announced it I said to myself she's going to win because the diet just made sense to me.

On the SuperFood Swap Diet you can only eat real food, NO CRAP (basically no processed foods)! You have to keep healthy meal options available to you and you must have a table, plate, and chair every time you eat. Also, you can only have sweets and alcohol when you go out with a group and you only exercise for fun. I definitely plan to implement some of these SuperFood Swap Diet tips into my daily routine. What are some things you do to stay healthy and fit?

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