Wednesday, November 8, 2017

30 Days of Thanks: My Independence (Day 8)

On today, day eight of my “30 Days of Thanks” I’m thankful for my independence. I think the way I was brought up combined with my introverted ways has a lot to do with how self sufficient I am but nonetheless, I’m extremely thankful for it. It’s sad to say but, I know more than a few fellow millennials who can’t or don’t even try to do for themselves. Me personally, I love figuring things out on my own and being able to do for myself. I mean, I’m not against asking for help, you should definitely ask for help when you need it but don’t take advantage of it or become dependent on it is all I’m saying. At the end of the day everyone is going through something, be it considered big or small and they might not mind helping you once or twice but eventually you will become a burden and well...the first law of nature is self preservation.

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