Saturday, May 18, 2019

Music: Tiggered by Jhene Aiko

Hey Butterflies and fellow Soulmates,

Jhené Aiko recently released a new freestyle titled Triggered. On the track Jhené Aiko creatively expresses her process of feeling. I’m awed and admire how she’s not afraid to share her dark side with the world, I mean we all go through hard times and the only way out is to talk about it which is why I’m so transparent when it comes to mental health. Coming from a person who has suffered from anxiety and depression their entire life, triggers are real and can send you on a downward spiral instantly.

My Favorite Lyrics on the track...
“You are my enemy, you are no friend of mine, muhfucker”
“You muhfuckin' right, I'm bitter. You muhfuckin' right, I'm triggered.”
“I think I need to lie down, cause I'm not tryna wild out now...”
“I'll calm down eventually”
“Cause when I get mad, I get big mad”
“Triggered, I am not okay”

What do you guys think? Can you relate? What’s your favorite lyric on the track?

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