Thursday, December 5, 2019

Music: Love... by Wale ft. Bryson Tiller

I knew that Wale released his newest album, “Wow... That’s Crazy” in October of this year but, I haven’t listen to the entire album yet (which is on my list of things to do) so I’m just discovering most of the tracks. I heard Love... for the first time today; I like Wale as an artist and I really enjoy/vibe with the music he makes. Checkout the official lyric video for Love... below.

My Favorite Lyrics:

I said we could never be
Don't know why we tried
Hands up in my face, you don't even wanna see it my way

I miss your lovin', huggin' touchin', kissin'
Say others just don't amount to nothing, trust and listen

L-O-V-E, dot-dot-dot, why I gotta try so hard?
Why I gotta lobby? 'Cause I'm prideful and don't like a lot

L-O-V-E, dot-dot-dot, why you like to fight so much?

You don't want no title? Cool. You don't get no title, love.

Your heart numb and I'm numb.

Everybody full of shit, that's why we back and forth again
My heart severely scorned and you the cause of it
Goodbye, my baby, I'll abandon you, that's when you forced to care

L-O-V-E, dot-dot-dot, why you gotta make this hard?
Funny how the quiet ones do nada 'til they do a lot (sorry, you sorry)

Bottled emotions tend to spill out, when you get to sippin'

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