Saturday, December 7, 2019

‘00s Music Spotlight: The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash

I was watching a show on Netflix and this song caught my attention. This was my first time hearing it but because I’m a huge music fan and Johnny Cash has a unique vocal style I knew it was his voice I was hearing. The final version of “The Man Comes Around” track was released in 2002 on his “American IV: The Man Comes Around” album.

My Favorite Lyrics:

There's a man goin' 'round takin' names
And he decides who to free and who to blame
Everybody won't be treated all the same

The hairs on your arm will stand up

Voices callin', voices cryin'
Some are born and some are dyin'

Till armageddon no shalam, no shalom

The wise man will bow down before the throne
And at his feet they'll cast their golden crowns

Whoever is unjust let him be unjust still
Whoever is righteous let him be righteous still
Whoever is filthy let him be filthy still

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