Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Sweet Holidays to Celebrate in 2020

Be sweet, do something kind for someone else by celebrating these sweet holidays:

January 21st National Hugging Day
January 26th Spouses Day
February 14th Valentines Day
March I want you to be happy day
March Proposal Day
June 8th National Best Friend’s Day
June 12th Red Rose Day
July 6th International Kissing Day 
August 1st Girlfriend’s Day
August 25th - Kiss & Make Up Day 
September (third Sunday) - wife appreciation day
September 26th - Love note day 
October 3rd National Boyfriend’s Day
October (third Saturday) - Sweetest Day 
November (1st Thursday) - men make dinner day
November/December (1st Tuesday after Thanksgiving) International Giving Tuesday

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