Friday, January 10, 2020

Music: My Favorite David Bowie Quotes

Today, January 10th is the anniversary of the passing of UK born music artist David Bowie. For Bowie’s birthday I shared with you my favorite David Bowie collaborations and in the process I discovered two things that that I didn’t know about David Bowie. 1) He was considered a beauty & fashion icon by admirers all over the world because of his ever changing creative style and his very unique eyes. 2) David Bowie was a huge bookworm/logophile who loved learning, much like myself. I’m celebrating his life and legacy by sharing a few of my favorite Bowie quotes, check them out below:

My Favorite David Bowie Quotes:

“I'm a born librarian with a sex drive.”

“People are so fucking dumb. Nobody reads anymore, nobody goes out and looks and explores the society and culture they were brought up in. People have attention spans of five seconds and as much depth as a glass of water.”

“Once you lose that sense of wonder at being alive, you're pretty much on the way out...”

“ It's always time to question what has become.”

“The moment you know you know you.”

“Aging is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been.”

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