Friday, April 10, 2020

Wellness: Best Hemp Products & Cannabis Accessories Online

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As the many health benefits of this beautiful flower become more evident, the legalization of marijuana use continues to expand into more states and now most of the country is jumping on the 420 train. Businesses are producing more products using extracts from the flower, below are a few interesting places to shop cannabis related products online: -quality, inexpensive smoking accessories; $4.20 section.
GignacsGem -unique handmade smoking accessories
Happy Valley Pipe Company - personalized gifts.
Hempz -hemp seed infused haircare and skincare products. -hemp seed infused vodka.
Hush Kush -traveling accessories.
Makeup Obsession So Dope Collection (UK Only) -CBD beauty products.
Mary Jane’s Headquarters -pipe mugs and other smoke accessories.
Melt Cosmetics - carries quite a few cannabis inspired beauty products and other accessories.
Mo Beta Glass -pipe mugs and other smoking accessories.
NYX Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Collection -hemp seed infused beauty products.
Sacred Smoke Herbals -hemp, smoke accessories and other metaphysical items.
Texas Tonix - some of the best CBD products Texas has to offer.
Waffleye - leaf shaped waffle iron.

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