Thursday, March 19, 2020

80’s Music Spotlight: I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

A weekend road trip to Dallas for spring break was the last exciting thing I did before life was officially put on hold because of the Coronavirus outbreak. While in town I stopped by a popular sports bar for food/drinks and to checkout the live band. The band did a couple renditions of some of my favorite songs, this track was one of them. 

I Wanna Dance with Somebody was released in June of 1987 on Whitney Houston’s second studio album titled Whitney. Check out the video and my favorite lyrics from the track below:

My favorite lyrics from the track:

Still enough time to figure out how to chase my blues away. I've done alright up to now.

...And when the night falls, loneliness calls.

I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody. Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me.

I've been in love and lost my senses.

Sooner or later, the fever ends and I wind up feeling down.

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