Sunday, May 10, 2020

Music: Soul Singer Betty Wright

Butterflies, one of my favorite soul singers passed away today. Betty Wright had a unique voice and mastered the art of storytelling through music. Even though her music was before my time, I grew up listening to a few of her songs which is how I came to love her. Wright’s music expressed thoughts on life, love, and relationships that many people relate to. I definitely can relate to a lot of her songs. If you haven’t heard any of Betty Wright’s music, below are a few of my favorite tracks:

Keep Love New -4U2NJOY (1989)
From Pain to Joy -4U2NJOY (1989)
After the Pain -Mother Wit (1988)
No Pain -Mother Wit (1988)
Pain -Sevens (1986)
I Can -Sevens (1986)
She’s Older Now -Wright Back at You (1983)
Special Love  -Wright Back at You (1983)
What Are You Going to Do With It -Betty Wright (1981)
Goodbye You, Hello Him -Betty Wright (1981)
Make Me Love the Rain -Betty Wright (1981)
A Sometime Kind of Thing -This Time For Real (1977)
Where Is the Love -Danger High Voltage (1974)
Tonight is The Night -Danger High Voltage (1974)
Let Me Be Your Lovemaker (1973)
Clean Up Woman -I Love The Way You Love (1972)
Sweet Lovin' Daddy -My First Time Around (1968)

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