Friday, June 19, 2020

Juneteenth 2020

How do you celebrate your freedom? It legitimately surprises me how many people weren’t educated about Juneteenth growing up, I mean how could they not know? Juneteenth or Freedom Day was/is a critical part of American history and honestly 1865 wasn’t that long ago. I remember learning about it in elementary but I guess it depends on where you grew up or the school you attended. 

Speaking of schools, I came across a post about Ruby Bridges a few days ago that made me realize she’s around the same age as my mom. Generations later and we are still dealing with issues of systematic oppression because some people just simply refuse to believe it exists.

This year’s Juneteenth has definitely gotten more attention than any Juneteenth I’ve experienced in the past. The tv show `Black•ish did a Juneteenth episode back in 2017 and it was trending today because many people said this is how they learned about Juneteenth.

Beyoncé released a new song today in honor of Juneteenth titled Black Parade which will benefit black owned small businesses.

Raising Cane’s is donating $1 from every box combo purchased today (June 19th) to Martin Luther King III’s community efforts towards peace, justice, and equality.

Check out this round up of Black Blogger Stories that I was apart of; bloggers sharing their thoughts on current events by Denay of Denay Drops Jewels.

Happy Freedom Day!

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