Sunday, January 10, 2021

Plants: National House Plant Day + Plant People I Follow on IG

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Hi Planty Butterflies, I was in the process of updating the post on my inexpensive plant accessory finds and I just realized that today is National House Plant Day! I grew up in a home full of plants; my mom once was a huge plant lover. Plants have always intrigued me, I remember buying my first plant in high school, putting it in a recycled plastic cup (with no drain holes 😩😂) and obsessing over its growth, years later and I’m finally understanding them better…

I currently own 1) two spathiphyllums (peace lily), 2) a philodendron (birkin), 3) several tillandsias (air plant), 4) dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo), 5) aristaloe (lace aloe), 6) echeveria (succulent) and a (7) two dracaena trifasciatas  (snake plant). This is the most recent photo of my plant babies, which are your favorite? 

It seems like the most popular house plants always give me the most trouble. Which plants are the hardest for you to care for? Speaking of caring for plants, below are a few of my favorite plant people on Instagram...check them out!
Houseplants Love @houseplantslove

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