Monday, March 29, 2021

Visiting Texas: Things Every Texas Mermaid Should Experience

Butterflies, have you ever day dreamt about being a mermaid? Is learning mermish and cute mermaid puns your favorite pastime? Do you find the mermaid tales of Atargatis and Aphrodite fascinating? National Mermaid Day is March 29th and to celebrate I’m sharing a few things every mermaid in Texas should experience. So if you’re a mermaid or sea nymph at heart, here’s a few things I think you might enjoy:

1) Mermaid SPLASH... parade and fair for merpeople held annually in San Marcos, Texas…the mermaid capital of Texas.

2) Under The SeaBD... a CBD infused cocktail drink available at Present Company in Houston, Texas.

3) Aquamermaid School... train to become a certified mermaid in Austin, Texas

4) Mermaid Bazaar... bi-weekly mermaid market hosted by Mermaid Society SMTX.

5) Mermaid Statues... a variety of beautiful mermaid statues located throughout San Marcos, Texas.

6) Ocean Water... fountain drink from Sonic.

7) Mermaid Tail Plant...if you’re a plant parent and lover of mermaids, you have to get you one of these.

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