Sunday, October 31, 2021

Music: Best Lifehouse Songs

One of my favorite alternative rock bands, Lifehouse released their first studio album No Name Face in October of 2000 which featured one of my favorite songs of all time, Somewhere In Between. My favorite Lifehouse album however is definitely Smoke & Mirrors. The first Lifehouse song that made me notice them was Whatever It Takes from their fourth studio album title Who We Are. Lifehouse was scheduled to be on tour last year with the Goo Goo Dolls but the tour got postponed due to Covid. Anyway, since I didn’t celebrate their 20th anniversary last year with a “best of post” I decided to do it this year…check out all of my favorite Lifehouse Songs to date below:

Alien -Out of The Wasteland (2015)
All In -Smoke & Mirrors (2010)
All That I’m Asking For -Smoke & Mirrors (2010)
Barricade -Almería (2012)
Breathing -No Name Face (2000)
Broken -Who We Are (2007)
Clarity -Out of The Wasteland (2015)
Falling In -Smoke & Mirrors (2010)
First Time -Who We Are (2007)
Flight -Out of The Wasteland (2015)
From Where You Are -Smoke & Mirrors (2010)
Halfway Gone -Smoke & Mirrors (2010)
Hanging By the Moment -No Name Face (2000)
It Is What It Is -Smoke & Mirrors (2010)
Somewhere In Between -No Name Face (2000)
Whatever It Takes -Who We Are (2007)
You and Me -Lifehouse (2005)

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