Saturday, May 14, 2022

Visiting Texas: Quirky Places To Stay While In Texas

I look forward to visiting new places every year; a lot of my exploring is done here locally in Texas…there’s just so much to do and always something new to discover! No matter your thrill level or travel style you’re sure to enjoy your stay in the Lone Star State. If you’re planning to take a trip to Texas or if you’re a Texan who’s wanting to explore in your own backyard, check out some of the most interesting places to stay in Texas :


Galveston Kettle House | Galveston, Texas
Once an abandoned oil tank, now a teacup shaped tiny house available for overnight rentals on Galveston Island, located in the Houston area.

Terlingua Off-Grid Adobe Dome | Terlingua, Texas
Are you a star gazer? These rental domes are perfect for star gazers. Located near Big Bend National Park area.

Boutique Hotels & Motels

Austin Motel | Austin, Texas
This historic motel has been renovated and transformed into a brightly colorful fun place to stay when you’re in town.

The Cell Block | Clifton, Texas
Jail themed rental.


Bastrop Gas Station | Bastrop, Texas
If horror movies are your thing, you’re you’ll definitely enjoy your stay here. Featured in the horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Gas Station features over night cabin rentals, a BBQ restaurant, and a horror movie themed gift shop. Located in the Austin area.

Getaway House | *Multiple Texas Locations
Tiny cabin rentals located in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio areas.

Wimberley Getaways | Wimberley, Texas 
These tiny cabins are perfect for a weekend getaway. Located in the Austin/San Antonio area.

Recreation Vehicles (RV)

El Cosmico | Marfa, Texas
Cosmic getaway community with rental tents, trailers, teepees, and yurts.

Blue Skies Retro Resort | Willow City, Texas
Retro trailer resort.

Tin Valley Retro Rentals | Terlingua, Texas
Beautiful campsite with several uniquely converted campers available for rent. Located near Big Bend National Park area.


Cypress Valley Treehouses | Spicewood, Texas
Enchantingly beautiful rental treehouses located in the Austin area.

Treehouses at HoneyTree Farm | Fredericksburg, Texas 
Rental treehouses.

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