Friday, June 30, 2023

Life Update: I Finally Feel Like I Can Breathe 😅

Butterflies! It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me and I have a valid reason for that…life has been kicking your girl’s ass!!! Honestly, I feel like I’ve been on an up and down rollercoaster ride for the last few years but the last few months have been something entirely different. I found out last year that I have a herniated disc in my lower back which hurts like a b!t@h and is causing me a whole bunch of other problems; physical therapy helped for a little while but the pain/discomfort eventually came back. 

Then I decided I wanted to buy a house, so from December to May all of my free time went towards trying to buy a house and let me tell you…that process alone almost took me to my breaking point at least twice before I decided to just wait. Oh, and speaking of breaking points, I also decided to take a timeout from my ssri meds because of something I saw about the affects it has on your body weight and long-term brain function. Looking back, that was probably not a good idea considering the amount of stress I’m under at work and all the other stuff I had going on at the time. I do plan to follow up with my therapist at the end of the month to discuss alternative treatments. 

On a more positive note…during all of this my kid turned 18, had her senior prom, and graduated from college AND high school. Ikr?! It all went by so fast I still can’t believe it. What have you guys been up to?

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