Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finance: Setting a Monthly Budget

Butterflies, I don’t think us women get enough credit for the many hats we wear. Woman, wife, mother, student, nurse, housekeeper, chauffeur, chef, personal shopper, accountant, and so much more. However, that’s a whole different discussion I’ll save for another day (lol). Without uttering the words, as a wife/mom you should already know how important money management and budgeting is to me.  I probably should have focused on this much sooner, but recently I decided we (my family and I) are going on a strict budget for the rest of the year; I’m hoping to see how much we can save by paying more attention to what we are spending.

In the future plan to post about my experiences and share helpful tips on saving money, couponing, freebies, free samples, discounts, rebates, grocery bill saving tips, stockpiling, reward programs and much more!

PS. How do you make sure you stay within your monthly budget? Please share any suggestions, tips, or advice below in the comments.

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