Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BLS Weddings: Top Five 2012 Wedding Trends

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Here I list the top five wedding trends of 2012, first up...

1.) Boxed Invites

Although some may see it as an unnecessary expense, some brides just got to have this chic alternative to a regular invitation envelop!

2.) Bridal Suits  

For the not so girly girl, bridal suits are becoming increasingly popular.
3.) Table Propping

When planning a wedding I can tell your first hand that it's all in the details. More and more brides are choosing to create a more realistic atmosphere when it comes to themed weddings by adding a few props to their decor.
4.) Tangerine
If you've picked up any wedding magazines this year I'm sure you've notice but if not, this year's must have color is Tangerine!

5.) DIY Desserts

 Dessert Bar from Katie Day Photos
Candy bars have been on the party sense for a few years now but more brides are choosing this as an alternative to serving desert and wedding favors.

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