Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beauty Trends: Top Beauty Picks of the Month, Avon Edition

Salut Butterflies! I'm super ecstatic about my newest beauty products and this post. I know a ton of people that have been selling Avon products for years but I've just never really had an interest in buying any of their products but I'm actually glad I finally gave in this time. Overall I really like everything I purchased, especially my sparkle tweezers and even though I already have like a hundred tweezers I just had to have these cuties (I'm such a girly girl). I thought the lip gloss would be a little darker/thicker when applied but I was wrong; it's still cute though. 

The liner was another story; it did what it was suppose to do but after I applied it a couple of times I couldn't figure out how in the world to re-up it, but thankfully after a million tries I figured out you have to twist the top to raise it up. I'm so glad I didn't break it trying to figure it out because I would have been pissed. Lastly, the Skin So Soft...OMG, I can't believe I'm been missing out on this all these years! I really love this stuff, it smells so good, leaves my skin feeling great and it's an oil but it's not oily (if that makes sense); I will defiantly be using Skin So Soft more often. Check out photos below!

Avon Totally Kissable Lip Gloss | kiss of a rose J102
 Always On Point Eye Liner | Black/Brown
Skin So Soft | Original & Sparkle Tweezer | Pink

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