Friday, May 24, 2013

Houston We Have....Super Bowl LI!!!

Butterflies! Just in case you haven't heard....Houston we have....Super Bowl LI (51)!! The NFL just announced that Houston, Texas will be the home of Super Bowl 51 in February 2017. The last time Houston hosted the Super Bowl was in 2004 when the whole Janet Jackson / Justin Timberlake wardrobe malfunction thing happened, almost 10 years ago and before then the last time (and first time) was in 1974. 

I remember how excited everyone was the last time the Super Bowel was held here and it's definitely good for the city's economy there was so much going on that weekend. I was able to get a job at the stadium because they needed additional staff for the game and all of the other events that were going on during super bowl weekend. I was working the entry door to one of the lounge areas and saw actor Anthony Anderson from Barber Shop and famed stunt man Johnny Knoxville from Jakeass.

I also found out I was pregnant with my little human shortly after that which brought on a pretty sweet year for me. I'm looking forward to Houston being the host city again.

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