Thursday, July 4, 2013

In the Kitchen: Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders + Labriola Pretzel Bread Review

Aloha Butterflies! I received a package of Labriola Pretzel Bread in the mail to review and since I was already thinking about making these yummy Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders I thought it would be great to use the pretzel bread for it. Unfortunately I was unable to do so because the bread went bad way too quickly. The bread I received didn't have a expiration date printed on it and the bread was already starting to mold a day after I received it. I did however open and taste one of the buns as soon as I received them and I really enjoyed it, I'm just not too sure about it's shelf life and if I would want to purchase this product. 

It's too bad I didn't get to try it with this recipe because I think it would have went perfectly; the bread really does taste like pretzel! Anyway, to make the Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders, you will need...chicken breast, chopped onion, pineapples, barbecue sauce, and slider buns. Place chicken at bottom of crock pot, the, n cover it with the onion, pineapple and barbecue sauce. Cook on low for 6-8 hours then enjoy. Check out the video and pictures below!

Place chicken at bottom of crock pot, cover it with onion, followed by a can of pineapple niblets (drained).

 add the sauce and finally set the crock pot on low and let cook for 7-8 hours.


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