Friday, July 5, 2013

In the Kitchen: Salata Chipotle Ranch Chicken

Hola Butterflies, this one will be super short and simple so if you have a hectic schedule like me I know you'll love it (the quicker the better right?) and it's super YUMMY! Last week I had the pleasure of trying out a new local eatery, Salata! I really enjoyed my entire experience eating there and the best I got to bring some of it home with me in the form of a bottle. I brought home a bottle of Chipotle Ranch dressing; all Salata dressings are gluten-free, preservative-free and can be purchased at $6 for a 12oz bottle at any location to be used as a dressing or marinade. 

Also, because there are no preservatives in the dressings I wanted to use it within the week to avoid it going bad on me (talk about motivation to cook lol); dressings can last up to two weeks refrigerated. Check out how to make below!

Chipotle Ranch Baked Chicken Ingredients

1 bottle of Salata's Chipotle Ranch Dressing
1 package of chicken breast

So back to the Chipotle Ranch Chicken; pre-heat oven to 350, seasoning chicken is optional, I seasoned mines because I wasn't sure how much flavor the chicken would absorb from the chipotle dressing since I didn't marinate it over night. Cover the bottom of the pan with the Salata Chipotle Ranch Dressing, add chicken, cover chicken with a bit more dressing and toss it in the oven. Cook for about a hour to a hour and a half. Yes it's that simple!

Enjoy with your favorite salad!

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