Friday, July 5, 2013

Visiting Texas: Houston’s First Salata...the Next Generation Salad Bar + Giveaway

I've been wanting to check this place out for a while but honestly never took the time. As of last week I can officially say I had the pleasure of trying Salata and it was a real treat! Salata is a salad bar eatery with over 50 toppings to choose from including an array of lettuces, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, seeds, nuts, 10 different house-made dressings and your choice of several different chicken or seafood protein options. I think the serving bar set up is a great customer friendly idea. Let's face it, how many times have you been in line ready to order and the person in front of you didn't know what they wanted? Well Salata has thought up a neat way to make ordering lunch and eating healthy a little simpler by offer two choices; a salad or wrap.

Before trying Salata I heard a couple of people complaining about the cost per salad/wrap so that had me a little skeptical about if this would be I place I would enjoy but I am so glad I decided to give it a try for myself. I personally think it's fair priced at $8.00 per salad and $7 per wrap (not including a chicken or seafood add on) considering the unlimited toppings they offer and how large the salad bowls are.

All together I really enjoyed my Salata experience, the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable and I thought it was superb when I learned that all of the dressings, marinades and soups that Salata use and offer are gluten free which brings me to the Salata Fresh Combination Challenge. Salata recently entered into a partnership with the Houston Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics under the Salata Fresh Combination Challenge where registered dieticans provided sample salad and wrap combinations that individuals with special dietary needs (or individuals who just want to eat healthier) can use as a guide for making healthier meal choices when dining at Salata which I think is very awesome!

In addition to the portion size and topping options I really like the home-like vibe I get from eating at Salata although the salads I make at home are no competition for a Salata salad. All Salata dressings are gluten-free,  preservative-free and can be purchased at $6 for a 12oz bottle at any location to be used as a dressing or marinade. I brought home a bottle of Chipotle Ranch but because there are no preservatives I had to use in within the week before it went bad; it can last up to two weeks refrigerated.

My Favorites:
Lettuce - Salata Mix
Chicken - Herb Marinated Chicken or Asian BBQ
Tortilla - Cool Cucumber
Dressings - Balsamic Vinaigrette or Chipotle Ranch
Soup - Tomato Basil
Bread - Seedful Wheat Bread
Tea - Raspberry Tea

Salata has several locations in the Houston, DFW and Los Angeles areas with other locations opening soon. They're open for lunch and dinner and breakfast at some locations. Salata also offers catering and delivery to locations within their deliver area so be sure to verify before placing your order.

Check out these and all the photos from Salata visit HERE!
Also check out the BLS Salata Chipotle Ranch Chicken recipe HERE!


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Disclosure: I was invited to try this product in exchange for my honest review. The giveaway is also sponsored by the same company, as they are providing the prize. All thoughts, opinions and expressions above are my own.


  1. I live in Ky. But this post makes me want to live closer to a place like this! I have several friends I could gift this to if I win :D

  2. I am always on the lookout for new restaurants, this sound like a must try on our next trip to Houston. Thank you for the chance to win!

  3. This is so cool! This would be great for me. Doesn't free food taste better?!

  4. I am very excited about this giveaway, the concept sounds good and the food looks delicious plus I like that you can buy their dressings.
    Leidy R - rafflecopter


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