Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bargain Shopping: Prevacid Perks Spam Email - Mark As Spam and Delete

If you're a frequent reader of Butterfly LifeStyle then you probably know there is/was a really awesome deal on Prevacid over the past week and if not click HERE to go to my post about it. Anyway, on Monday I received a email from the email account below saying that they were unable to redeem my perks; I was like wait a minute I know I did everything correct (I'm pretty tech savvy if you know what I mean) so I opened it from my phone and tried to click on the images in the email but nothing happened. So when I tried to open it again at my desk top a screen popped up (sorry no photo of that one) and asked for my username and password. What? Uhh...I don't think so! At the time I wasn't paying attention to the email address it was sent from which would have been a dead give away, most businesses don't use free email accounts such as Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail and etc. Needless to say I marked it as spam and deleted it and guess what?

Yesterday, I received the email below from the actual Prevacid Perks program and was able to load my Starbucks reward right to my card. So just a FYI if you do receive a email about your perks from a strange email address don't open it but if you mistakenly do don't enter your personal information. Mark it as spam and delete it.

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