Thursday, August 1, 2013

In the Kitchen: Wine Wear...Fashion Meets Wine

Salut Butterflies! Check out this awesome new alternative to buying wine gift bags. Wine Wear Inc. offers a fun new way to present wine; in the form of wine bottle sleeves, wine bottle fashion wear, and wine glass decal stickers. There are a variety of Wine Wear designs to choose from that can be used throughout the year for any event, holiday, occasion or just for fun. What a neat idea right? Just browsing their site makes me want to host a party and I'm in like with all the really cute wedding wine goodies too.

Wine Wear Inc.'s bottle sleeves are like greeting cards for your wine; there is space on the front (depending on the design you pick) for a personal message and then a place for your greetings on the back. The package is very easy to open and the sleeve slides on with ease Single sleeves retail for $3.50 and 5-piece variety packs retail for $14. Visit to check out all their products and cool designs. Also, find Wear Wine Inc. on Facebook and Twitter @WineWear.

Check out the YouTube video of me using a Wine Wear bottle sleeve below!

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