Monday, June 15, 2015

I Got New Ink & Daithe Piercings | Enduring Tattoo & BodyPiercing

Hey my body art loving Butterflies! I've been wanting new ink and daithe piercings for a while now and since I was in such a great mood yesterday, as I drove by the place I'd been researching for awhile I thought to myself; "why not today?" and before I had time to think myself out of it I was already signing the receipt. I got my daithe pierced in both ears and three new tattoos. Knowledge Is Power because...well it is, Just Breathe inspired by the Anna Nalick song for the days my anxiety gets the best of me and a tiny anchor to match my tiny sail boat which was inspired by the Awolnation song Sail.

As far as the studio goods, it was clean the staff were professional and I didn't have to wait around all day. This was my first visit to Enduring Tattoo & BodyPiercing.

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